The first invitations were on the back of wine labels provided by Joseph.
What a great guy!!!

The first Halloween Party - 1977

The younger Gabor sisters?? NOT!!!
Maybe the unknown Gabor sisters, Di-arrhea and Di-stemper?

She really was quite attractive.

John, Surgar Blossom and is that Harvey Thompson?

Now that's some poodle ......

Let me know if you recognize yourself???

Who was this troll???

Number 1 Flasher

Recrurter David and Devil Ricky

She is such a pig and doing it with the Devil, too!!!

Wayne, the Tuti-Fruiti Lady and the Vampire or is that Vampira?

Wayne, Norm and Kip

Me and Vampira

Wayne and Norm - well it was the 70's!!!


Tag, who knows this man of steel?, Steph and John


Pixie Mike

Leather Boy Tony

Boy, is that me, showing what?????
(Toga by "Shannon")

Farmer Greg

Who is she??? Really...


Who are these boys???

Who is the handsome genie?

The Genie, Ceasar and the Clown
Do know their names and where they are today?

Don and Tom

What am I????

What am I????

Gerry - Where are you today???

Dr. Who and Nurse Ratchet, I presume???

Who are you??

Who are these people??

Boys will be boys!!

David, Tom - where are you today?? and Mike

Farmer Fred and his side-kick Bozo the Clown


I think my "hat" is on backwards???

Sugar Blossom was the big $1.98 Beauty Contest Winner this year!!
Isn't she just fab!!!

Daryll seated, Mark in the white coat and hat

Quite HOT!

And who's little pig are you, sweety??

Girl Scout Leader and "Am I really in the Army?"

The Sultan of Prick
(check the nose)

Howdy, Tex!!

John, are ya' happy ta see me???

Sailor Breen

It's Count Gerry

OK, I give. What is she????

Do you know this squaw?

Mark aka Mr. Clean
I probably use that title loosley, tee, hee..

Clay - If you see this picture, please contact Melba

That smile would lite-up the room!

Night of the Living Dead!!!

Friend and Dale

"Cow Girl" is modeling my Harvest Gold Refrigerator.
Isn't it a smart set?

Who or what are you???

Who belongs to that nice arm with Tom and Clay?

Who are you?

OK GI, haven't you been told about these kind of girls?

Girls just wanna have fun!

More girls havin' fun! Is that you, Tom?

And they're still havin' fun...

Gee, even Santa came that year....

Do you remember this Royal Lady and her Nurse????

Do you remember Tex and her Naval companion??


Oh, Miss Thaang!!!

Za and her consort!

Who is this masked stranger?? Really!!!

Even the girls are beautiful.....

Tom (Togo by Shannon), Tag and Cowboy

This guy will need to get back to his sailing ship, soon as he finishes his grog!

Now who are these cheer leading sluts???


This Bride of Frankenstein knows a thing or two about sucking .....
blood that is!


It's me, Princess Fergie. Don't cha' just love my tierra???

Or do you like my shoes better???


This was a take on the Duracell family, the Putterman's.
We called ourselves the Butt-r-menzz!
The commercials played around 1994.
A good theme or caption and a play on the battery commercial:
As their battery runs down, the girls are starting to "drag" LOL! thanks for the memories!

Speaking of bubble-butts!!!
Eat your heart out Ronnie!

Now this is some-sort-of-bi...oops, I mean witch and her shot-dead-friend, Selena.


J.C., Tina, Eddie from the TV show, "Absolutely Fabulous" and Ginger

Ginger and Eddie

Patsy and Eddie from "Absolutely Fabulous"

Biker Mama and Ginger

Patsy and some Gay Ranchero

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