Norman B. Hand

about 1962

Norm and Tom
Seoul, South Korea - Summer 1965

New Years Eve 1965
Walker Hill
Seoul, South Korea
Charles R. Galea, Gilbert Mondoux, Leroy M. Williams, Gordon Betts,
Norman B. Hand, Tom Moore, Juan R. Linan and Thomas A. S????

Norm worked at the mortuary at Inchon, Korea
These pictures were taken May 17, 1966

Norm - about 1968

Norm - about 1970

Norm - about 1971
On the train at Knotts Berry Farm

Norm with his parents, Jennie and "Bernie"
about 1971

John Bednar and Norm - about 1971
Irvine, California

abt 1977
A.J. Bump's Saloon, 8055 Freeport Blvd.
Along the Sacramento River

Carmichael, California

I am here and there!
Norman Bernard Hand was born September 24, 1944, in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Norm was one of two sons born to William Bernard and Jennie Hand, both of Canada.
Norm died on July 19, 1982, in Honolulu, Hawaii.
He was buried at the Davis Funeral Home and Memorial Park in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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