Paul - 1979
Where is Paul today and what is his last name?

Where is "Shannon" today?

That's Shannon on the right, but who is that other "maid"?

October 28, 2009

I'll tell you what I know, some of this might be guessing.

(I think) Paul was one of the more reliable, long-term Bartenders at the Mercantile (after Bobbette passed away). He was there for at least several years during the latter 1990's and early 2000 decade. I moved out of Sacramento in late 2004, so lost track of the GLBT Sacramento "scene" after this... I believe Paul struggled with health problems, as did many during those years, including the cute, friendly, red-haired guy, Scotty, who passed away suddenly (he was also a bartender at the Merc.).

I cannot recall Paul's last name, or drag name. But I believe he had roommates. I suggest asking some of the old timers (if any are left) who might still hang out at the Merc. about our precious Past, before it's too late???

We need to get this information ASAP, because there seems to be nothing more fleeting in our underground GLBT world, than the "forgettable bar scene" and this is, really, a tragedy.

Let's find more of those Sacramento-based survivors with GLBT historical information, while we still can?

Just some thoughts,


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