"BOBBETTE" (19?? - 1990s)
Robert ????

October 11, 2009


Bobbette must have worked at the Merchantile 20 or more years. I believe he passed away suddenly in the 1990's of advanced liver disease. He partied quite heavily.

Seems Bobbette was there one week working, all was OK, and then he got suddenly sick and died the next week.

People missed him a lot for about a year, then the whole bar scene changed; new staff and patrons came in, and those past icons are quickly forgotten.

Seems... no one likes to talk about death in those bars, which is too bad. I tend to think most "regular" bar patrons are on a 'slow suicide mission' anyway, and don't like to face the truth of what they do to themselves.

Bobbette was a short guy, dark hair, moustache, fem, a bit surly until you got to know him. He was also a waiter at Johnson's Del Prado Restaurant at Stockton Blvd. back in the 70's and 80's.

Wish I knew his full name. I know it was Robert something. Not much help. Is Ernie Brown still working at the Merc? He knows many details and knew Bobbette well.

I met Ernie for the first time in 1971 at Ernie's Place in West Sac., the bar with the horse on it. I danced with him at age 22, when I was a cute "chicken" and he tried his best to get me home, and forever after that. Everyone went to bed with Ernie, but not me. Just wasn't my type then, or now. A wonderful, warm, caring guy, however, I admire him a lot. He lived with Aunt Rose for years, as you must know.


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