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More about Joseph

Here's to Joseph with his favorite, Brenda Lane.

Joseph, Chuck and Tom
Sometime in 2008
Roseville, California

The Bolt (G, 199?-200?) which was The Jockettes (L, 199?-199?)
In (North) Sacramento near Del Paso and El Camino Blvds.
2560 Boxwood
(see below for today)

Montana Saloon then Joseph’s Montana Saloon (G, M) (197? – 19??)
Barry and Holly were the first owners.
Joseph was the last owner.
7600 Fair Oaks Blvd., Fair Oaks, CA
(1974 phone book gives the street number as 7604)

Michael Greer, a very funny man (1938(43)-2002) entertained us in December 1977
He was so very funny and will also be missed.

(see below for Joseph's Montana today - Club Capri)

Joseph’s (G, M)
1454 Del Paso Blvd. at Canterbury
(North) Sacramento, CA
(see below for today)

The Underpass (G, M) (19??-19??)
Two guys were the first owners then Joseph
1946 Broadway, Sacramento, CA
Joseph renamed it, "Broadway Limited". It was next to the railroad tracks

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