October 29, 2009

I only heard Aunt Rose called Roy a few times and heard his last name even less. I think he's been gone easily 20 years; in ill health (at death's door?) for a very long time. Not to be too cynical, but he could win the prize for longest death spiral. He defied everyone's belief that he could keep on keeping on for so long; poured drinks at the Merc til Hell wouldn't hold 'em.

The last living person from that era is likely Ernie Brown who lives with Ralph Kuenhke, his first lover, by now close to 80 and losing his eyesight. He wrote dishy-dirt columns for years in the forerunner rags long before MGW appeared; barely readible and poorly written, they'd be a real window on that long ago time. I'm willing to guess he didn't keep any of them, unless Terry Sidie has them (or the L.L.?).

Keep the questions coming; one at a time works for me--haha.


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